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  • Graduates from technical higher education - Strata 1, which includes technical disciplines as regulated in Law no. 11 of 2014 concerning Engineering:
1.Earth and energy
2.Civil engineering and environmental engineering
4.Conservation and management of natural resources
5.Agriculture and agricultural products
6.Marine and shipping technology and
7.Aeronautics and astronautics
  • Higher education engineering - Strata 1 at tertiary institutions has been accredited by IABEE (Indonesian Accreditation Board of  EngineeringEducation). In particular, the study program graduates are as follows:
1.Civil Eng.,                                               11.Mining Eng.;
2.Mechanical Eng.,                                  12.Geological Eng.;
3.Electrical Eng.,                                      13.Geodetical Eng.;
4.Environmental Eng.,                            14.Architectural Eng.;
5.Physics Eng.,                                         15.Forestry Eng.;
6.Marine Eng./Tech.,                              16.Agricultural Eng.;
7.Chemical Eng.,                                      17.Fisheries Eng.;
8.Aeronautical Eng.,                                18.Farm Eng.;
9.Industrial Eng.,                                      19.Informatics Eng.;
10. Petroleum Eng.,
  • Have a minimum of 7 (Seven) years of Engineering experience since graduating from Strata-1 and 2 (Two) significant years, covering thetechnical field as regulated in Law no. 11 of 2014 concerning Engineering:
  • The validity period is in accordance with the validity period of the IPM or IPU Engineer Competency Certificate (SKI). In order to remain registered in the APEC Engineer Register (APEC ER), APEC ER holders are required to extend their registration when the Engineer Competency Certificate (SKI) with the IPM or IPU level ends and fulfills the requirements of the Continuing Pengembangan Keprofesian Berkelanjutan (PKB)/Continuing Professional Development (CPD) according to regulations applicable.
  • Registration Fee: $120 USD, Bank Mandiri Account Number: 070-00-0994555-6 an. Persatuan Insinyur Indonesia.


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