Value Management / Value Engineering (VM1) Course

Value Management (VM1) Course

The main focus is to understand the fundamentals of  Value Management/Value Engineering.
As PII has not seen many of the Indonesian Engineers practicing VE in Indonesia. By having this course program, they can be certified as Qualified Value Associate (QVA) or apply for SAVE-International Value Methodology Associate (VMA) and be eligible to practice VE in Indonesia and elsewhere.
Hein B.A. de Jong will deliver these 5 days course. He is a certified trainer who has been in the area of Value FM since 2010, the first independent Dutch Value Engineering Consultancy and 20 years before that as system engineer, knowledge manager and project manager. Recurring themes and motives for Hein are continuous improvement, focus on customer satisfaction, working explicitly and creating value for money.  Hein has a broad interest in technology in general and in the interaction to deal with it in complex processes where stakeholders are involved with different views like architects, maintenance engineers, design engineers, suppliers and contractors.


Ir. Habibie Razak, ACPE. ASEAN Eng.
Course Coordinator

Held on : 07 – 11 October 2019, In Jakarta

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