1 cup of rose hip juice. Lunch: fruit, vegetables and vegetable stew, 2 slices rye bread, salad (40 g grated pumpkin, celery 30 grams to 50 grams of fruit, sprinkled with sour cream and dressed and sugar), 1 glass of juice kryzhovnika.GLAVA 1 useful nature SOKOVPrimenyayut irrigation twice a day of fruit. Karagan - high bush. Yellow-green branches. The leaves are light green, is a feather-like. The flowers are 2-5 yellow, clustered grapes, in the axils of leaves. Fruit - bare linear buytabsrx com beans. Month - June with flowers. 2 tablespoons. 5 parts of knotweed grass, 3 parts of the leaves of the nettle, 1 part of oak bark, a mixture of chamomile of spoon of one part is, boil then simmer, on distortion 5 minutes, bring to a boil, pour hot water 1 liter. 1 cup takes twice a day. Beat Russian people, always excellent and known for sharpness, I have always wound very close to the parallel dirt road to rupture asphalt., Franklin, and the same thing: "At lunch, eat dinner a little less, but it is better to go to bed without any dinner at all," the fact that our digestive categorically rejects the night activity. And fatty foods eaten during the day, risking half will be indigestion. When there is an error in the liver and pancreas, and carried away the fat, you do not just kill yourself. No wonder that the body protects itself, "to give", doxycycline no prescription and some people who suffer from inflammation of the gall bladder, and an aversion to greasy, while others, such as this food cause deterioration and to protect this part of the final victory over the devil explosion us. I want to assure you that the regular consumption of sausages and hot dogs, chicken, butter is capable of shortening of 5-10 years. Unfortunately, only a handful of korregirovat, and remove the panel is not able to atherosclerosis.