These include fresh strawberries and strawberry merme Laadah. in general similar materials causes the reaction influence children.All curly - gloomy and nocturnal animals. The day they are taken into the hole under the roots of a place in the dense bush and fell asleep do. During the summer, hedgehogs do not care about the device, the cozy property. With the start of the hunt go in the evening. Note that this is not hunting and gathering plant foods. All urchins how much kektra lamotrigine is fatal and insects belong to the order in their essence are natural predators. Their menu includes a variety of insects, including many pests. They eat insects are beetles, beetles, dung beetles, mosquito larvae, earthworms, leeches and others. In addition, feeding natural curly include snakes, frogs, small mammals, eggs, chicks and adult birds that nest on the ground, sometimes berries. So widespread Hedgehog-vegetarian nevernym.Sheya faith is muscular, chest and shoulders are well developed, rear shirokaya.SkvortsovyeDushitsa (materiyka, dushmyanka.) - herbaceous perennial plant