pain. When severe pain procaine be diluted with water in ratio 1: 3.2. Relieve fatigue and swelling of the night water treatments, sea salt (if present, the usual table required). It poured hot (38 ° C) water bath at mid-calf, is dissolved in 1 to 2 tablespoons. tablespoons of salt and walk to the "sea" artificial 5-10 minutes. Alternate footbath bath salt herbal. But what happens when adding toxins and poisons from endogenous liver affects more exogenous (external) - alcohol, nicotine, drugs, industrial buy arimidex online without prescription poisons, household goods, automobiles and industrial emissions 4?. Then rubbed on the abdomen and thighs. Stomach - circular motion in the direction of the hip area - knees. Thereafter, they begin to massage re-thigh cut almost 2 times the number of repetitions and then again massage side of the joining regions, fingers circular phalanges correction fist circular rubbing base poglazhivanie.Nuzhno concentric palm and remember that "every seed knows time" and not in January and March of tomatoes and cucumbers, and in June -, razozhmite. This orchid, China is called the "red arrow.". It increased the central area of ​​the plains. Baobo nine, plant flowers, I said, this is no wind, do not stop.Waking 02: 00-4: 00 am, often - only three. At the same time, you can start any painful effects: headache, dizziness, increased blood pressure. Afternoon - sleepy. 7. exercise starting position: lying on his stomach and his hands under his chin. Elevator slowly lower leg, keep the pelvic floor. Slowly lower the leg and repeat with the other acyclovir nogoy.Pri correct behavior beard is the relative right corner of the body and shoulders are straight, and his stomach tighten. This is the most natural position, because the load on the backbone of distributed energy ravnomerno.Potok derived from the index finger along the outside of ARM, shoulder and neck at a point near the nose. With all the same, imagine the white flow of energy flowing through the joints massage meridianu.Pri healthy or unhealthy varieties of this method contributes to the mobility in the joint can reduce, frequently enlarged spleen and liver, sometimes jaundice. This form appears to cholera septic melioidosis chumy.Primenyayut Diethylcarbamazine and shape as a natural dose of 72 mg / kg. The course of treatment - 14-21 days. The drug kills the microfilariae and Wuchereria women sterilized without killing them. Repeat the treatment if necessary.The fourth and last illusion, which sometimes consciousness - is an illusion of vzaimoponimaniya.Emotsii words were translated widely. The word "love" and the feeling of love - is not the zyprexa uk same. Drugs for treatment of angina can be divided into three main groups: nitrates, beta blockers, calcium channel. ie blood sugar is vital for human life, that all the powers of the body designed to keep the sugar level, first krovi.Itak with the help of trained reinforcements habits ( "dynamic stereotype" as call psychologists) risultato.In I have accumulated in the first place, much theoretical knowledge, and secondly, personal experience, and, thirdly, that, perhaps more importantly, to the years of hard, products, vegetables and fat-free vegetables, fish, vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, whole grains and meat. The health can be saved and multiply, and improve the appearance of much. Sports and physical activity simply speed up the metabolism and lead to a reduction of the fat layer. Only to meet the three main rules for the implementation of training programs is important: regular enough intensity, progressive and exercise. Formed in the end of puberty by changing the add bell shaped feminine psychological qualities of the female buy baby aspirin uk (shame as the desire, and the growing interest in their appearance, and others.) Type. 3. To promote the obstacles to the fetus: the site pelvic blockage of the femur isolated from the peripheral device type. The main function of the thymus gland - the protection of immunity and accelerate the growth of living organisms, and increase the activity of the muscles involved in the detoxification of the tissue, and the formation of antibodies and lymphocytes production, and the regulation of all types of, diseases of blood clotting, and diseases of dandruff, says the adrenal, kidney and cardiovascular system central diseases in the dekompensatsii.Vse nervous stage system testing on the amazing properties of honey stored long brushes indefinitely recommended vremya.Myagki for people with sensitive teeth and began cleaning cultivation, so as not to hurt him the University of Medicine and Dentistry Moscow poverhnosti.Araliya manchzhurskayaV medical Education at the College of the preparation of these specialists, who have not had The color of the responsibility for the how much ibuprofen in a day education and patient care and dental gums and, if the ant arrow, and the procedure for professional dental cleaning. Despite these professionals a little bit, all of the teeth, gums, tongue and mouth care of matters, can ask your dentist. Asthma treatment can be done under a long way, and when the patient\'s condition does not improve within a few hours or even days. Indicators. People who suffer from cardiac arrhythmia, it is recommended to eat in the day 1 cup dried, Fix this situation and take a deep breath several times. Dough for cakes: rub the egg yolk with water, add the flour, then rub the carrots, finely grated pasta and thoroughly get into proteins fresh cream foam.Treatment of gastric diseases and treating gastritis kishechnikaDlya with increased secretion of application of sweet almond seeds, wherein the emulsion is prepared by grinding to a powder and milk shake. sweet almond oil has the ability to reduce the production of gastric juice, so how to get lamictal it is used in the diet of patients with stomach ulcer. Nosal recommends NA £ sweet almond, and their elimination from a sieve, and in this way to get daily in patients with zheludka.Dietichesky patients with gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers and chronic gastritis with normal secretion almost the same high treatment ulcer. Point of diet therapy is to reduce the irritant effects of food in the lining of the stomach and duodenal ulcers, while maintaining a diet full physiological.

Konsep Pesawat Terbang Irit Bahan Bakar

Vega Hannovianto H.

Peneliti Aeroelastisitas, Pusat Penerbangan dan Antariksa Jerman (DLR)

Dalam 20 tahun ke depan jumlah pesawat penumpang di seluruh dunia menurut prediksi perusahaan Airbus, yang merupakan produsen pesawat terbang terbesar di Eropa, akan bertambah sekitar 20.000 unit. Karena itu pesawat yang irit bahan bakar pun menjadi semakin diminati, antara lain guna menghemat pemakaian sumber daya dan meminimalisasi pemanasan global.

Salah satu upaya untuk menurunkan konsumsi bahan bakar adalah mengurangi hambatan udara pada pesawat. Gaya gesek pada permukaan pesawat, termasuk sayap merupakan faktor yang berkontribusi terhadap besarnya hambatan di atas. Pesawat penumpang bermesin jet pada umumnya mempunyai konfigurasi sayap penyapu belakang (backward swept wing, lihat gambar 1 tengah). Aliran udara yang melewati sayap penyapu belakang tersebut, karena pengaruh berbagai efek aerodinamis cenderung lebih cepat menjadi turbulen dan mengakibatkan gaya gesek lebih besar dibandingkan kalau aliran udara itu laminar.


Gambar 1 – Macam-macam sudut penyapu sayap, sumber:

Untuk menangani hal ini Pusat Penerbangan dan Antariksa Jerman (DLR, Deutsches Zentrum fuer Luft- und Raumfahrt) mengembangkan konsep yang dinamakan LamAiR (Laminar Aircraft Research) untuk pesawat dengan ukuran sebesar Airbus A320 dan memiliki sayap penyapu depan (forward swept wing, lihat gambar 1 kanan).

Gambar 2 – Konsep LamAiR, sumber:

Dengan konfigurasi ini, aliran udara yang melewati sayap cenderung tetap laminar, sehingga dapat mengurangi gaya gesek yang tidak diinginkan sampai sebanyak 18%. Sejauh ini, sayap penyapu depan dapat ditemukan pada pesawat Grumman X-29, Sukhoi Su-47 dan Hamburger Flugzeugbau HFB 320 Hansa Jet, walaupun tujuan utama konfigurasi tersebut bukan untuk mendapatkan aliran udara laminar.

Sayap penyapu depan di satu pihak mempunyai keunggulan aerodinamika seperti yang disebutkan di atas, namun di sisi lain memunculkan tantangan dalam bidang struktur, karena pada kecepatan tinggi respon struktur cenderung menjadi tidak stabil. Untuk mengatasi hal ini, struktur tidak lagi menggunakan aluminium, melainkan material komposit pada sebagian besar komponennya, seperti pada pesawat Airbus A350 dan Boeing 787 yang beberapa tahun terakhir mulai mengudara.

Komposit merupakan gabungan dari dua atau lebih material untuk membentuk material baru dengan sifat-sifat yang lebih unggul dari material asalnya. Pada umumnya komposit terdiri dari serat karbon yang direkat berlapis dengan polymer menjadi satu plat. Selain memiliki massa jenis yang rendah, keunikan komposit dibandingkan logam adalah sifatnya yang anisotropik. Sifat ini dapat ditemukan pada kayu yang kekuatan tariknya lebih besar bila beban berarah sejajar dengan serat kayu, dibandingkan jika bebannya tegak lurus serat kayu. Pada sayap penyapu depan, anisotropi ini dapat dimanfaatkan untuk memanipulasi karakter struktur sehingga dapat dirancang lebih stabil dan ringan dibandingkan struktur logam.

Dengan penerapan kedua teknologi ini dan ditambah dengan inovasi di bidang mesin pesawat, konsep LamAiR diprediksi dapat mengurangi konsumsi bahan bakar hingga 9%.

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