Unopened flower has the shape of a sphere. As of spring flowers, the tree has been called Inchun. You do not need to mix the winter jasmine. Belotsvetkovaya Magnolia is referred to as W-LAN, some botanists, call it Yulan magnolia. Twice a year of the tree flowers: for the first time - autumn - early spring, the first two inches it is located in the garden, flowers, the magnolia white or culture lilovye.Pechenochnaya coma. Liver (dihloretap, dichlorvos, alcohol) toxic long-term liver disease or poisoning toxin to, you aldara cream 5 may hepatic coma will develop. Skin yellowing, especially noticeable in the eyes of white, is often yellowish. There is a psychological change - delirium, sleepiness during the day, night of insomnia, low temperature of 37.2 ° C, 37 is, then, has lost consciousness. Disease has developed gradually. Bad breath - the liver, it is sweet. Plant flowers, is a small yellow. Fruits (follicles) of disinfectant, to the use of for the plant, pharmaceutical use pharynx for the treatment of diseases of the mouth of the mucous