Preparation. Herbal raw materials are ground carefully, mix, pour boiling water, simmer on low heat and let stand 10 minutes, then cool and tension. Massage the right Hawshab required: 100G come Sherry Perry. Preparation. Strawberry leaves washed, chopped, along with juice, poured boiling water, mixing at low temperature, and boiled for 5 minutes and then removed from the plate and pressure for 20 minutes, then drain. Requires: 1 tablespoon bar vervain 1, horse tail herb spoon, 1 tablespoon try this website estrace of flowers Calendula 2 tablespoons of bark oak, 2 tbsp elderberry bark 600 ml of water. Foot with sage needed: 200 grams of watermelon flesh. Requires: 3 teaspoons baking powder 600 ml of water. Drinking red hair balm with carrot juiceWhere crushing the following application: when the patient\'s breathing value (separate letters to 15 seconds) to practice the pronunciation of the last breath in the form of government to a mixture exhaling two and - three letters.


Edisi Minggu I

Daftar Isi



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