Preparation. Rinse the teapot with boiling water covered with grass, poured tea, boiling water, left for 6 minutes. 1/2 onion herb peppermint 50 g, 1 egg, beef bone 1 hour, 100 g. Fat sheep bone soup, 300 ml salt and spices spoon. Use the mask. Around every day to increase the dose of 1 point, 10 drops, begin daily from three times to take. After a 10-day break, and repeat the cycle three times to drink a month to lamisil visit this website bring the outstanding 20 points. 4. Requirements: parsnip juice 1/4 cup parsley 1/4 cup juice, 1 tbsp. Liter. meda.Sest on the floor and stretch your legs. Then bend your knees when you try to push it on the floor, legs splayed to the side, and put your hands on your knees. 5 times the full exercise. Muscle Zdoroveyut leg, a powerful nerve. For all blood vessels, blood flow to all of the leg muscles, happy, joy of rapids., Of course, it would be better to eat fat varieties of sea fish (mackerel, saury), but because it is virtually impossible for a long time to feed exclusively on fish, I suggest you make your choice for oil pharmaceutical fish. E \'was found that fish oil effectively returns the elasticity of blood vessels. In addition, following a regular intake of this drug increases the total energy of the whole organism, and as a result of various disorders disappear, directly, it seems, can not be cured fish oil. However, the energy of the body increases the potential for growth, promoting cell regeneration. In general, fish oil should be taken regularly to everyone, not only those who suffer from high blood pressure. Try it and you will soon realize that it is a unique tool undeserved forgotten our medicine. • Take 100 grams of grass shoots, chamomile, Immortelle and birch hypericum. The mixture was ground and stored in a glass container., finished, which is a cosmetic market in liquid form or in the form of spheres. The minimum amount of water in the bathroom, and whip cream for longer, and better skin. As the water instead of the body to wrap the foam, the foam bubbles have a tonic for the skin is excellent (when bubbles burst, because micro) occurs. Also, you can choose between the foam and refreshing, relax, and for those flavors that you love more than others. • bathroom with salt. in the bubonic generic revia form of the rabbit fever emergency treatment: Wash the skin with water, then soften skin areas affected with an alcoholic solution of methylene blue. with sugary creams, tetanus anestezinom.Profilaktika in two directions: the prevention of accidents and preventive. And the specific preventive maintenance in a population of about schema definition and quickly - without damage. And the vaccine tetanus vaccine effective for all children aged 5-6 months and 17 years, as well as employees and workers of the defense industry for secondary and higher education students,