sky and congestion zheludok.Ochischat body is needed. Food can not be prepared for the future. We, or the lie that has been addressed for sutok.Snachala there is a need to take the amount of grain to that of a cooking pot, position, and within minutes I was comfortable and happy to pay through the nose breathing while sitting, breathing should not be so, but it is necessary, as traditionally, measuring the depth and fast enough, and annoying. Gradually flow narastaet.Vklyuchiv energy from the palm of the right hand of the depth and speed cipro read of breath, time drive, imagine how to penetrate all the capillary flow of power from the hands, starting from the feet, through the whole surface of the body to rotate the larger veins and arteries and vessels, and wash the stains from Foreign energy, and clean energy and radioactive fill them. For example, how to erase the effects of the destructive energy - - If you want to make your hands and other movements, and trust your hands, it is best to mind, and I knew that this kind of energy that you



Februari 2016

NO. Nama Kualifikasi BK/BKT Tanggal SK
1 Dr.Eng. Ilham Bakri, ST, M.Sc IPM Industri 29 Februari 2016
2 Arminas, ST, MM IPM Industri 29 Februari 2016
3 Andika Prabu, MT IPM Industri 29 Februari 2016
4 Hartono, MT IPM Industri 29 Februari 2016
5 Armin Darmawan, ST, MT IPM Industri 29 Februari 2016

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