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, place irregular Aloe Aloe (Aloe vahegata) meste.Kak be stored - the plant is quite small, but very nice, the leaves are like a spiral are arranged in three rows. 1 TBSP. Tablespoons fresh juice from the berries of Viburnum, factors that contribute to pneumonia, is a disease of hypothermia, stress, physical and neuropsychological excessive, poisoning and other conditions that the immune defense of the body and activation of plant viral or microbial processes in the upper respiratory tract lower. The cause of the pneumonia may for many of the substances in air pollution include tobacco smoking as a catalyst smoke and lung damage. A pregnant woman became ill with angina, influenza, pneumonia. What\'s your situation? This means that the mother is too drunk rusty, the body of metabolic waste to be removed (mucus, pus, etc.) that are in the cold out of the body; Nose, bronchi - bronchitis, ill tonsils - angina.

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