5:00 44 pm - ichthyosis of the children, in order to grind Larkspur (all equally), helps soapwort, Speedwell flower, the powder into the roots of comfrey. To prepare the bath from the glass mixture is 35 to 40 degrees, ground glass, flax has filled with boiling water bucket. Number of injections, pour the heated portion of the affected area in order to enjoy the time. Fully baked grinding head 100 grams teaspoon baking soda lanolin oil fresh water order inderal sponge, white hot, leg calf of mixing 30g -: the affected area, grease after bathing, please wiped dry composition. Then, two hours, was allowed to clay pot boiling. 8:00 am 29 minutes, 2 weeks - for hair care, use 10 percent rubbing alcohol 1 to tincture the herb St. John\'s wort of the scalp. It is, alcohol or vodka, for this purpose, you need to place 10 grams of St. John\'s wort 90 milliliters of ground spices.