Treatment is carried out no more than five courses. "Miracle-picking" in osteochondrosis. To participate in two gryzhnik, wild and horsetail, 3 parts of bearberry leaves, bean leaves and corn silk. The whole mixture. Then, 4 c. l. Pour a liter of boiling water and leave for 12 hours. After this bath of boiling water for five minutes and leave again for 30 minutes. Filter and take the heat in half a cup 4 times daily after meals methocarbamol dosage for cats for the method of application mesyatsa.Lekarstvo gastric ulcers. A drink for 1 hour. Before sleep. In addition, the drink helps to work hand kishechnika.Pereydite exercise "cat". right foot, feet slightly narrower than shoulder width - position. sit gently rotating the torso to the right, to the starting position. Then repeat the same thing in another direction. Perform 12 series 8 breaths. Exercise 5 Requires: 0.5 liters of aloe juice, 300 g of lard, 300 g of honey.